Readers are advised against reading the entire site in one day as this is known to cause uncontrollable weeping and despair, at least if you own an old house. On that note, we're trying to make more useful ways of finding things on this site for people who are looking for something specific. Feedback on how this actually is working for you is always welcome.

By Location

Seasoned readers, or those on the hunt for something specific, might find the archives sorted by location in the house (with additional categories for planning, questions and answers, and so forth) useful.


For those of you who are more visual, you can see entries from a given day via this calendar.

Date-Ordered Entries

Here's a list of all archived entries on Casa Decrepit, with most recent posts first. If you want to watch the progress on the house in chronological order, go to the bottom of the list and then you can just follow the "next" links to go through in order.